Female empowerment & personal development coach helping moms connect with their desires, break up with the rules, ditch guilt & overwhelm and create a life they love. 

You have everything you've ever wanted. A beautiful family, happy home, loving children, and yet, this isn't quite the life you imagined. The demands constant, the days never-ending, and the exhaustion perpetual. Most days you are completely overwhelmed, barely able to keep your head above water.  

All your time, effort, and energy is spent treading water, and while you never stop moving, somehow it seems you’re always exactly where you started.  Most days you can't even remember who you are, what got you here or how to turn this ship around. As much as you love your life, you often find yourself wondering "is this all there is?" You feel guilty wanting more, and yet you so are tired of watching the years go by while just surviving each day.

Making real change, right now, is easier than you think.  I'm here to help.

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Meet Emilie

Hey momma!  I'm so glad you're here.  My name is Emilie and I'm a mom too.  I have four young kids, a husband, never-ending laundry, too many obligations, and big, big dreams.  I've spent nearly a decade struggling through motherhood, frazzled, overwhelm, and feeling like the last priority in my own life.

No more.

I've found my way out of the overwhelm, exchanging chaos, guilt, and frantic living for a balanced, joyful life that makes me feel whole, in control, and excited to get out of bed each day.  You too can have more quality time with yourself and your family, more energy to explore interests and nurture friendships, more patience, balance, breathing room in each day and a deeper connection with who you really are.

I am am here to coach you towards the balanced, happy, well cared for woman and mom you long to be.

Ready to ditch overwhelm, find more time, energy, & joy?


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Lost in Motherhood Revive the Woman You are to Be the Mom You Want to Be">

Lost in Motherhood Revive the Woman You are to Be the Mom You Want to Be

“If we desert the inner self to focus on the energy outside, it leaves a vacancy inside.” Trudy Vesotsky I spent years totally lost in motherhood, and when I say lost, I mean really fucking lost. Lost in exhaustion. Lost in overwhelm. Lost in a maze of uncertainty, doubt, and struggle.  Why didn’t anyone ever tell me it was so going to be so hard?  Why didn’t I know losing myself, become someone’s mother and having my entire identity consumed by it, would be so painful?   I remember laying in bed one night, a newborn fussing in the next room, […]

Making the Impossible, Possible Will You Find a Way or Find an Excuse?"> Making the impossible, possible

Making the Impossible, Possible Will You Find a Way or Find an Excuse?

“Only those who can see the invisible, can do the impossible.” ~ Jeffrey Fry ~ I believe in radical responsibility. If it’s broke, fix it. If you don’t like it, change it. If you can’t change it, change your attitude. We spend so much unnecessary time explaining all the reasons we can’t do something, that if we put half that energy into figuring out how to do it we might actually get something done around here. It’s easier to blame the baby, our husband, the economy, our shitty boss and everything else outside of our control then it is to […]

I Create My Own Reality So I'm Gonna Make it a Good One"> I Create My Reality

I Create My Own Reality So I'm Gonna Make it a Good One

“Be careful how you interpret the world: it really is like that.” ~ Erich Heller ~ I choose my beliefs carefully. I’ve spent a lifetime curating them, deciding what fits me best, what works well, and what just doesn’t align with who I want to be. It’s a daily practice, a habit really, of paying attention to the direction of my thoughts. Every single morning before dawn, I tip toe downstairs, make a pot of coffee, and get settled in at my desk in the dark, pre-dawn hours. I open up my heart and I journal out my fears. I […]

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