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Meet Emilie

Hey momma! I'm Emilie and I'm a mom of too. I have four young kids, a husband, a stubborn terrier puppy, never-ending laundry, and big, "unreasonable" dreams.  Once I stopped being the mom I thought I should be, I could finally be the woman I actually am. Turns out, no one knows what's best for me, better than me.

And here's the crazy part, when I stopped denying the woman I am, I became more of the mom I wanted to be.

No more mommy martyrdom, no more hustling, grinding and proving, no more self sacrifice. 

If you want MORE than motherhood, if you want it all, guilt and apology free WITHOUT working harder, I've got you. It took the long way so you don't have to. Trust me when I say you can have it all, and at the same time, but only if you're willing to do it totally differently. Are you ready?  Check my 2 best selling offers designed to help you step out of overwhelm and into badass.


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Who am I? What is Your Identity Built Upon?">

Who am I? What is Your Identity Built Upon?

“What if the reason we feel so lost has little do with motherhood and everything to do with the fact we never really knew ourselves to begin with?.” Emilie Karun At 12 years old I woke to an alarm before dawn. I hopped off the top bunk, quiet not to wake my younger sister as I dressed in jeans, thick socks, and an oversized flannel. I rode an old, dirty school bus caked with mud an hour out of town to a massive corn field in the middle of nowhere. We’d arrive just as the sun was breaking the horizon, […]

What Comes After the Happily Ever After When you have it all and want more?">

What Comes After the Happily Ever After When you have it all and want more?

“When something is missing in your life, it usually turns out to be someone.” Robert Brault I’m not sure when I started to slip away, when I started to fade from my own life like the Kodachrome in an old photograph, but slip away I did. Perhaps it wasn’t motherhood that stole my existence. Perhaps I never really knew myself at all. I  I didn’t see it then, we can’t really. I didn’t know my life wasn’t my own. I didn’t know with every step towards the life I thought I wanted, I became more of who the world expected […]

Stop Being So Selfish The World Needs You, Ready or Not">

Stop Being So Selfish The World Needs You, Ready or Not

“Focusing on your fear is selfish. Instead, focus on the good that will come when you walk through it.” You are terrified of being selfish. You lug around guilt, mommy martyrdom, and shame for being a human with needs. You feel terrible for letting your kids watch too much TV or eat cereal for dinner when you need a break. You compare yourself to every mother out there and chronicle all the ways you don’t measure up….and then you beat yourself up for not being better. You’re terrified of giving yourself what you need, taking a break, accepting help, or […]

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