You Are an Exceptional Woman Start Acting Like It

“Make the most of yourself by fanning the tiny, inner sparks of possibility into flames of achievement.” – Golda Meir

There is an exceptional woman within every woman. She’s buried under the weight of guilt, fear, and the world’s expectations. She’s been told she’s too much, too loud, too bright, too greedy, too selfish. She’s been shunned and shamed into silence. She’s retreated but, but she’s still there. She’s waiting for you to grow bored of complacency, of good enough living, compromise and settling. She’s filing her nails impatiently, wondering when you’re going to wake up to your potential and invite her back into your life. 

Long ago she was in charge. She embraced miss matched socks, sparkly tutus, and too big dress up shoes. She demanded wearing princess crowns or Halloween costumes to church. She didn’t care what others thought. She lived in color. She lived out loud. She said what she pleased, she dressed how she pleased, she loved herself as she pleased. I see her in my 5 year old daughter…unabashed, unashamed, and unapologetic about her fabulousness. She stares at herself in the mirror, smiling in approval as she turns her head from side to side. She fluffs her gown, she walks with her head held high. She’s fierce AF.

Society smiled. They liked her boldness, her originality. They “awed” and laughed, nodded their approval. But eventually they turned on her. Instead of looking on with wonder, they stared with concern. They became critical and judgemental. Her boldness made them uncomfortable and so they told her to quiet down and tone it down and so down she went. Her light dimmed slowly, like a candle burning and shrinking until eventually, only a tiny glowing ember remained.

Her time to shine again is long overdue. She’s been patiently waiting for too long. She’s tired of watching you settle for shades of beige, in your wardrobe and in your life. She’s enraged by your timidness and people pleasing. She cannot believe the ways you’ve self abandoned, how you’ve put everyone and everything else ahead of yourself. She been pacing the halls and silently screaming as your ambition shrinks, your dreams fade, and your voice silences.

But the days of the pleasant woman are numbered. The exceptional woman within is ready to revolt. Do you feel it? A revolution is brewing and the loud, unapologetic, bold women everywhere are ready to release their collective rage and passion in today’s troubled world.

It’s time to throw our reasonableness aside. It’s time to stop striving and achieving, asking permission, jumping through hoops and seeking gold stars. It’s time to fan the flames of passion and purpose so our inner exceptional woman can burn bright again. She is the only one who can lead us towards our best life because she is not concerned with other’s opinions, gaining approval, or anything but bringing the fullest version of who we are to the surface. It’s time we start listening to her again and let her fabulous flag fly. What did she love before she worried what other people thought? How did she express herself when she was given full reign to create with abandon? What simple, silly things lit her up?

I fought my exceptional woman for a really long time. I told her she was frivolous, shallow, arrogant and reckless. I now see she was divine, aligned, and confident. She wasn’t right or wrong, she was just me. Fully me, filter and give a fuck free. She might be judged and criticized by the world, she’ll likely be labeled and mocked, but she will never be silenced again. She is leading me towards MY best life because she knows me better than my conditioned mind knows myself. 

She is helping me see what truly brings me joy. She’s giving me permission to speak from my heart instead of saying what I think the world wants to hear. She’s holding my hand through criticism and fear and she’s reminding me I am powerful beyond measure. I can hear her now. She’s growing louder and the more space I give her to stretch her long legs and straighten her spine, the bolder she becomes. Her fire incinerates the barrier between us and I can no longer tell where one begins and the other ends. I feel her heat warming the cold, white washed places within me and illuminating the path ahead.

We’re becoming one again.

I am her.

I am an exceptional woman.

Will you invite your exceptional women back into your life? Will you heed her calls and welcome her spirit back into yours? Will you cast aside all the shoulds, all the rules, and all the expectations of who you should be, so you can unleash the exceptional woman you really are?


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