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The Power of Belief: How to Improve Your Life Right Now Chose Happiness, Release Fear, and Kick Ass

The Power of Belief: How to Change Your Life Right Now

“Whatever you believe to be true, whether it is true or not; if you believe it, then to you it becomes the truth.” ― Stella Payton

It seems there is always something we long to change in our life.  We want more money, more love, less debt, better behaved children, and smaller jeans. Most of us know it’s up to us to make change, we don’t sit around and wait for things to get better, we put our focus and energy into our actions in order to bring about that change.  And while that’s all well and good, the reality is trying to change our external conditions by working directly on those conditions almost always proves futile or temporary unless it is accompanied by a change of thoughts and beliefs.

How many of the changes that you’ve worked hard towards actually came to be and how many actually lasted? How many of the changes that did happen came easily without excessive toil, struggle, or sacrifice?

Most of us go through life taking little notice of our thoughts. We pay minimal attention to how and what we think, but about 80% of our 50 to 70 THOUSAND unconscious thoughts per day are NEGATIVE.

In order to make meaningful, lasting change, we must first correct the direction of these thoughts and fix our mindset.

You Are What You Believe

How much about what we believe comes from the outside world? What do we believe to be true about ourselves, our capabilities, our looks, our limits, our potential, our opportunities, our experiences, our options, and our life in general? How often do we let negativity, comparison, fear and doubt run the show?

Have you considered that maybe your beliefs are shaping your reality?  

The Power of Belief: How to Change Your Life Right Now

It is believed that the human brain does not know the difference between reality and fiction.  It can’t tell the difference between something you’re thinking about and something that’s actually happening. Think about how you physically feel when you watch a scary movie.  Despite the fact your butt is firmly planted to the couch and you’re safe and sound in your home, your body has a very real, physical reaction. Your heart starts racing, a ball of anxiety swells in your chest, palms sweat, muscles tense and your blood pressure spikes. What you imagine to be happening is actually happening as far as your brain and body are concerned.

In her book, You Are a Badass at Making Money, Jen Sincero talks about how doctors are using mind tricks to help relieve phantom limb pain of amputees. By using mirrors and visual illusions, they trick the brain into believing the limb is still attached, and therefore can be massaged, treated with heat, or other comfort measures to help ease the pain.  And it works.

The Power of Belief: How to Change Your Life Right Now

Think about how powerful optical illusions mess with our sense of reality, as in this picture, My Wife and My Mother-in-Law. As you look at the image above, what do you see first? When you feel your visual perception shift from the “wife” to the “mother-in-law” can you also identify an “a-ha” millisecond in which it feels like your brain has changed gears?

The woman appears to be both young and old as your brain flips back and forth between two conflicting perceptions. Images like this illustrate how your brain can play tricks on you as your mind struggles to interpret perceptions of reality.

What does all this mean though?

It means your thoughts, feelings, and perceptions are directly connected to your experiences in the world.  A shift in your perspective and understanding of the truth about your relationship to the universe, can begin to attract better things into your life. Where attention goes, energy flows baby. Believe it or not, there are volumes of scientific evidence to prove that our thoughts alone have immediate and tangible effects on ourselves and the environment around us.

Whatever you believe and feel create powerful forces and therefore, in order to change your life, you must change the energy you’re putting out into the universe

Where Attention Goes, Energy Flows

All of our physical reality is made up of vibrations of energy; even your thoughts are vibrations.  In the words of Nikola Tesla, “If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.”  Einstein himself said that “mass and energy are both but different manifestations of the same thing.”

The Law of Attraction (which you’ve probably heard of and have either dismissed as utter nonsensical bullshit or have no clue how to actually make work for you),  states simply that like energy attracts like energy. Since we’re all bundles of energy vibrating at different frequencies, whatever kind of frequency you emit, you attract. Fear based feelings such as  sadness, anger, jealousy, resentment, guilt, impatience, etc. are low vibe. While joy, love, appreciation, gratitude, excitement, generosity, and happiness are all high vibe feelings.

Like attracts like.

What you focus on, you get more of, regardless of your actions and best intentions.  If you focus on success, you attract success. Focus on fear and failure and you attract fear and failure. And focusing on the lack of what you desire brings more lack.

Whatever you want you can achieve by using the power of your mind to raise your frequency and attract into your life. You must intentionally and intensely put all of your collective energy into thinking about what you DO want.  You must get yourself all worked up in the dream, even if (especially if), it doesn’t match your present reality. Feel into the happiness, know all that you want is already yours and just plain being happy.

You must stop focusing on lack, on the struggle, on negativity and that which you DON’T want. You must, right now, transform the thoughts surrounding your circumstances. BEFORE you get what you want, BEFORE you have tangible proof it’s coming, BEFORE you pull into your dream destination you must embrace happy, abundant, grateful thoughts.

The Power of Belief: How to Change Your Life Right Now

This is how you raise your frequency, get the universe on your side, and make your journey as quick and joyful as possible.

Raise Your Frequency Girl

If this is new to you, it can seem a little out there, a lot like magical wishing.  Let me interrupt that inner skeptic to emphasis that action is always necessary to create the life you want. But action alone won’t get you (and keep you) where you want to be.

Accepting we have the power to shape the future also means accepting we’ve created our own current reality. It’s easier to blame others (or life itself) for our circumstances, lack of success, and current situation.  But an amazing thing happens when you take radical responsibility for your life and happiness. …you get all of your power back. You are no longer a victim but in control of creating a life that gets you excited to hop out of bed in the morning.

If you don’t love your life, you already have the power to begin changing it right now.  It begins by getting really good at focusing on what you DO want.

Raise your frequency by getting as far away from those love vibe feelings as you can. Feelings are a powerful alarm system to alert us to the direction of our thoughts.  Feeling angry because your kid is taking 3 hours to pick out a bedtime book? Instead of focusing on the frustration and annoyance, let that feeling remind you to correct your thoughts and to focus on what you DO want instead.

“This takes forever, I’m exhausted, he always drags this out, I’m so tired of fighting him to bed every night” becomes “I want a smooth and peaceful bedtime routine, where we read, snuggle, say prayers and part on happy terms.”  See how much different just reading that example makes you feel?

Pay attention to your feelings, correct your thoughts to focus on what you DO want (instead of what you DON’T) and you’ll be 80% of the way towards improving your life.  And even if the law of attraction is complete crap, isn’t it better to move through life focusing on the good instead of ruminating in the bad?

While raising your frequency is simple, it isn’t necessary easy. Learning to reframe your thoughts takes commitment, effort, and consistent practice. Adopt these into your daily life and I guarantee you’ll see improvement faster than you think

1. Learn to quiet the outside voices in order to hear your own.  Develop a daily spiritual workout including meditation, journaling, visualization, and prayer.

2. Avoid negative people, news, social media energy suckers, and anything that focus on fear based thoughts.

3. Surround yourself with happy people, positivity, joy, vision boards, and anything else that lights you up inside.

4. Stop expecting outside people, events, or circumstances to make you happy. Resolve to be happier right now, wherever you are.

5. Focus on feeling good. If you don’t feel good, change your thoughts

Remember, you cannot have vibrationally what you aren’t willing to become. Everything we want, we want because of how we think having it will make us feel. Instead of chasing the external world to give you those feelings, get to work feeling it right now, wherever you are.  If you want to feel the security, stability, and abundance of someone with lots of money, you have to feel that way now (and not poor, broke, and desperate).  If you want to meet the love of your life, you have to feel content, satisfied, loved, and valued just as you are, with or without a partner. Embody the feeling you seek.

Want to learn more about the power of belief and the law of attraction? Check out these articles and books from those who know far more than me on the subject.

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What do you think?  Exciting and empowering or hippy dippy baloney?

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