Next Level Rebels Coaching Program for Moms

* Are you ready for more passion, more purpose, more LIFE in your life?

* Do you long for the clarity and confidence other women seem to exude naturally?

* Do you have big goals but no clue how to make them happen or where to begin?

* Do you crave freedom, excitement, inspiration, and possibility?

* Are you ready to become the woman you want your kids to be?

* Do you want to learn how to get great at pleasing yourself instead of everyone else?

* Are you ready for life to expand beyond what feels possible?

then this group coaching program was made for you!

I spent years totally consumed by the demands of motherhood. Every day was spent in survival mode, running from one thing to the next, taking care of everyone and everything and feeling left out of my own life. Every day was the same. I never stopped moving but I never seemed to get ahead.

My time was not my own. My thoughts were not my own. My to do list was certainly not my own. And while I loved being a mom, I didn’t love motherhood, not the way I thought I should. I was tired of feeling so invisible in my own life. I was tired of feeling guilty for wanting more. I was tired of a “good day” ending in a heap on the couch, mindlessly scrolling social media and drinking cheap wine.

I know how painful it is to feel unsure of who you actually are outside of the roles you fill, to feel that your value is connected to how well you take care of everyone, and therefore taking care of everyone else feels like your most important job.

I know what it’s like to battle your inner critic constantly, the one who tells you to do more, give more, and never slow down.

I know how confusing, disheartening, and isolating it feels when you’re unfulfilled in your “great on paper” life.

I’ve battled the guilt that comes when you get everything you thought you wanted but it’s not enough and you have no clue what you actually want next, how to figure it out, or where to begin.

I know what it’s like to want more.

What I know now, that I didn't know then, is that all my frustration, overwhelm, and restlessness had little to do with motherhood and everything to do with the fact that I had no idea who I actually was or what I actually wanted. 

I thought I wanted to be a mother (and I did), but I didn’t realize I wanted so much more than that.

Listen up…

You cannot achieve your best life if you don’t even know what it is.

You won’t be fulfilled and truly happy until you know what really truly lights you up.

You will never become the mom you want to be, while sacrificing the woman you are.

You feel invisible in your own life because YOU aren’t even seeing yourself. You’ve ignored your desires, denied your feelings, and pushed yourself to the back burner for far too long. 

All the change you crave begins by reconnecting with who you actually are (not who you think you should be). She has all the answers but you’ve forgotten how to listen to her.

I'm so glad you're here

I'm Emilie, a recovered good girl, big dreamer, and coach for moms who want it all on their terms. 

I believe in confident, happy, whole mothers who lead by example - who show their daughters and sons HOW to love themselves, chase their dreams, and accept nothing less than all they deserve.

Empowering you to see yourself differently, trust yourself above all others, let go of fear and comparison and step into your greatness is my super power.  Reminding women of their power and potential in a world hell bent on making them believe they have none is my mission.

I’m a trained coach and have worked with and supported hundreds of women in my private & group coaching programs and in my online communities. 

I believe we get to have it all, right now....but only if we're willing to do it differently, dare to trust ourselves, stop worrying about what everyone else thinks, and get great at putting ourselves first.


You are a woman first, mom second

The days of the selfless mother are over. You have a self and it’s time to start acting like it. It’s time to bring YOU back into your own life

It’s time to rebel against who you think you should be, so you can finally be who you actually are.

It’s time to deepen your self connection, access your inner wisdom, and reignite your passion.

It’s time to elevate into your next level.


Next Level Rebel Moms Inner Circle

An exclusive, high vibe group coaching community filled with the guidance, tools, resources, & support you need to create a more fulfilling, aligned, and purpose driven life.

This is about community, connection, and clarity in a way you’ve never had before. It's time for you to get the support you deserve.


* TUNE IN to your internal nudges, unique desires, and powerful inner guidance so you can begin to hear your own voice and create a powerful vision of the life you were always meant to live.

* SEE YOURSELF WITH NEW EYES as you silence your inner critic, uncover and rewrite your limiting beliefs, release who think you should be, and unleash who who you really are - beautiful, incredible, powerful, and totally limitless

* GAIN CLARITY around which season you are in, what your values are, how to manage your time and competing priorities, and make decisions that move you towards your best life so you can start living it NOW!

* FEEL FREE & EXCITED as you begin to see opportunities where you once saw limits, dream of what could be (instead of what is), and feel a newfound sense of enthusiasm, gratitude, and appreciation as you become a magnet for your powerful desires.

*CRUSH NEXT LEVEL PERSONAL & PROFESSIONAL GOALS like making more money, getting healthier and stronger, starting or growing a business, improving relationships, being an example to your kids, and stepping into the next level badass you were always meant to be.

So what's included in the inner circle?


I want you to have all the information, tools, inspiration, workbooks, and guidance I have to offer at your fingertips so you can take control of your own personal development journey and dig in deep, anytime you want. This includes audio trainings, video bundles, workbooks, ebooks and more.

You'll also get any new products I release during your time as an active member of the inner circle.



I'll be active in the Facebook group throughout the day during the week.  I will post journal prompts, thought provoking questions,  new ideas and be here to cheer you on. I'll also be available to answer questions, give support, and feedback on anything that you need as you work to put what you learn into practice and make changes in your daily life.


During each call, I will teach, coach, give practical homework, recommendations & so much more. You'll be able to ask questions and be coached individually. You'll also have the added benefit of learning from other member's questions and coaching. Often watching others have their break through can be the path of least resistance for your own.




Inner Circle Members will receive the option to book individual, 1 hour coaching calls for $250 (subject to availability) anytime you need extra guidance, support, or clarity. As a member you'll also receive an additional 10% off all current and new courses (courses are excluded from the free content library)



There is nothing, I mean NOTHING more powerful than being in community with other women who are working towards the same goals at the same level. Women alone are fierce…but women together are a force. These women will become your sisters, your cheerleaders, and your friends. Here, you can connect, inspire, and support one another and know you aren't alone.




Once a month I'll be hosting guest interviews with incredible moms and women across all areas of expertise to help you expand your mind, enhance your knowledge, and expose you to new ideas.

What do my clients have to say?

"Working with Emilie was just the change I needed in my life. Doing her program opened my eyes to so many of the personal and professional road blocks I was tripping myself up on and I'm so grateful for the clarity I received as result of working with her. Not only was her program easy to work through, but Emilie always knew exactly what to say or what book to recommend. I am incredibly grateful for her and all of her help!" - April Davis, educator & blogger @TheVaginaBlog



"Before working with Emilie I was struggling. I didn’t like who I was becoming with the pressures of motherhood. After working with Emilie, I became hyper self-aware and that made all the difference. I was able to ask myself questions and reflect on who I was and what was stopping me from becoming the person I knew I could be...the person I was before kids. I began asking for things I needed and felt zero guilt about it and I set boundaries which were necessary in my personal growth as a confident mom and woman. It was a process, but I can’t recommend Emilie enough" Samantha Alber


"Emilie has pushed me to go deeper and really look at what I’m capable of.  She has helped me to focus on what I truly want and figure out what has been holding me back. I can’t recommend her enough if you are ready to go to the left next level in business or life." Jennifer Jakobsen, Confidence Coach for Moms


Tell me more about what's included

You investment options

Still not convinced?

"When I ran across Emilie I was in awe of who she was. I was in a place of self loathing. She has helped me find myself again. Growing in confidence and finding my inner voice. This has helped me in my personal life as much as my business. My business wasn't thriving and now I am consistantly hitting my goals each and every month. I am earning money instead of just breaking even. When I started I was only selling $300 a month on average now Im up to $1,000 or more in sales! My goals are aligning to walk hand in hand with my dreams. I am one step closer every single day. Our finances have never looked better." Laura MacMillian, Mary Kay Consultant

"Before I began working with Emilie I felt stuck and overwhelmed.. I was trying to go in too many directions at once. After just a few sessions I was able to eliminate the ‘busy work’ and focus on the things that would move me forward in my practice. Now I am feeling much more focused and I have tools and strategies that I can use whenever I start to get off-course." Terri Kellums Personal Coach

“Emilie helped me look critically at my life story and decide where to take it from here. By retracing my steps through powerful conversation and journaling exercises, I could examine where my beliefs about marriage and motherhood had caused me to lose sight of myself. Being so caught up in the expectations of my roles I left so little room for me and depression followed. Emilie helped lead me out and showed me evidence of my true self everywhere." Joan Varitek, Illustrator

Your questions, answered


In addition to the 2, 2 hour calls each month, I encourage a minimum of 15 minutes a day towards building a practice of self connection. I also cannot stress enough the importance of self care and physical movement. While you might not think you can make this happen, don't worry, I'm going to show you how. Making space for YOU in your own life again and getting great at getting your own needs met is why you are here. Reading is also a non-negotiable. I'll be recommending many books, but how much and how often you read is up to you. Like everything, you'll get out what you put in.


You'll be able to download some of the workbooks, ebooks, and freebies and those are yours to keep. The content you access online you will only have access to while you're an active member of the group. You will only be a member of the Facebook Group and have access to the member only pricing while you are an active member.


Courses are not included in your inner circle membership, however you will receive an additional 10% off any you would like to purchase. Additional group coaching programs, live workshops, and private coaching are also not included, however promotional discounts and member only deals will be offered from time to time.


This program provides the tools and guidance for you to begin transforming every area of your life, fast. When you build up your self connection, self love, and self trust, everything changes. When you let go of the beliefs that have been sabotaging you, everything gets easier. When you start looking for answers within yourself, life gets so much simpler. Decisions become easier, relationships improve, health & fitness become effortless, money, ideas, & opportunities flow effortlessly. If you show up, let go of fear and the need to please, dig deep, get real, and have the courage to do life differently, the results will follow.  My clients get results, fast. I can teach you, guide you, support you and inspire you but you are the only one who can change your life.


Still have questions?

Not sure if The Rebel Mom Life is the right fit for you or have additional questions? Shoot me an email and let's chat.