More Than a Mom Video Bundle

I’m a wife and mother of 4 amazing little kids.  I am also so much more. For years, my whole life actually, I thought I only wanted to be a housewife, I thought I only wanted to be a stay at home mom. I thought I only wanted to be a mother.

I thought a good marriage, a happy home, and a big family alone would be enough. It wasn’t.

It took me 10 years of struggle, shame, and soul searching to admit

I wanted success, on my terms

I wanted adventure

I wanted to create, to speak, to inspire

I wanted a passionate life

I wanted delicious experiences

I wanted to make a difference

I wanted the world to know I was here

I wanted to feel the wind in my hair

I wanted to birth more than babies into the world

I wanted so much. I still want more.

But what I want doesn't matter. The question is,

Do you know? Or have you spent far too long not even asking, not daring to peek under the covers of your desires because you fear what it might mean?

I know how confusing, disheartening, and isolating it feels when you are unfulfilled in your great on paper life.

I’ve experienced the guilt that can come when you get everything you thought you wanted, but it’s not enough and you have no clue what you actually want next, how to figure it out, or where to begin.

I know how it feels to believe that you need to choose between your family and the ambitious, hungry woman within who wants a life of her own, beyond motherhood. 

I’m Emilie Karun and I’m a mom too. I struggled for years to figure out how to balance motherhood and my big dreams. I thought the answers lived out there somewhere when in reality, I just needed to make some small internal shifts within to start seeing my circumstances differently. Once I stopped torturing myself for wanting more, allowed myself to acknowledge (and honor) my true desires, and began to see following my own spirit was actually in the best interest of my family, everything changed.

I am I’m a trained coach and have worked with and supported hundreds of women in my private & group coaching programs and in my online communities, helping ambitious moms go for their someday, life today, while being the moms they want to be, is my passion.

I’m here to show you where to begin letting go of who you think you should be, so you can uncover the woman (and mom) you actually are.

You begin by letting go of all the bullshit that tells you it’s bad to want more.

You begin by allowing yourself to believe that perhaps the pull towards more is an invitation to the life you were meant for.

You begin by reframing the way you think about what makes a good mother, success, and a happy life

You begin by admitting that yes, you are more than a mom.

You can have MORE, but first you must:

Give yourself permission to want what you want, guilt and apology free.

Shift the way you think about good mothering

Release the guilt and lies that tell you to put your kids first, always

Stop the self abandonment cycle and learn to value your own wants and needs

Align with the woman you actually are instead of the mom you think you should be

Stop thinking effort and sacrifice equals love

Learn to hear, honor, and follow the signs inviting you to more than motherhood

I am no longer available to have less than everything I desire. Motherhood AND the more I am called for.


In this new 6 part video bundle, over 3 hours of video assembled from a combo of previous trainings and member only content, I’m helping the big dreaming, ambitious mom reframe the way she thinks about motherhood and success so she can release the guilt holding her back, learn how to put herself first and overflow into her family, and explore the MORE she was meant for.

If you desire to feel:

Excited about what’s possible for you, right now, in and out of motherhood

Expansive, uplifted, and supported in the quest to learn more about your desires for more

Less guilt, shame, worry, and confusion over your conflicting emotions and priorities

Free to explore success and growth outside of motherhood

Then you must watch these trainings!!!

VIDEO #1: MORE THAN A MOM: Uncover the 6 signs you’re being called to more than motherhood.

VIDEO #2 F*CK THE FAIRYTALE: The 5 myths of motherhood you must drop right now if you’re ever going to get your real happily ever after.

VIDEO #3 FIVE THINGS YOU MUST GIVE UP TO HAVE IT ALL: When we stop trying to be it all and do it all, we can actually have it all, on our terms, but only if we give up these 5 things.

VIDEO #4 OVERFLOW INTO YOUR FAMILY: Release the idea that families are better when mom comes last and embrace the idea of giving to yourself first, so you can not only feel your best, but overflow into your family. 

VIDEO #5 TRUSTING YOUR DESIRES: (this video was created for the Resolution Revolution group program).It’s time to declare, powerfully, I am worthy of the life I desire, I am open to hearing a new way to solve old problems, I am so excited to live the life of my dreams.

VIDEO #6 REVIVING YOUR INNER EXCEPTIONAL WOMAN:(this video was created for The Empowered Woman group program). The only thing you ever need to create your most epic, aligned, exceptional life already lives within you. Your inner exceptional woman will guide you towards your best life, but only once you bring her back from the dead.

* Free you from the guilt and shame that comes from wanting more than your great life.

* Inspire you to follow those internal nudges that tell you more is waiting for you

* Help you realize that a mother who comes last, sacrifices for her family, and gives all of herself away is NOT the mom her kids truly need

* Show you that you are worthy of ever desire that is calling to you, without exception. 

* Help you drop everything you think you have to do (but don’t!), so you have more time and energy for what actually matters

* Show you what’s possible when you unlock the more you were meant for.

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