Ready to slow down, catch your breath and become a priority in your own life again?  Do you want more patience, less overwhelm, and a life that doesn’t run you ragged? Do you see the years flying by and wonder how you'll ever be able to slow down enough to enjoy your kids before they're grown and gone? Are you tired of rushing through their childhood and missing all of the good stuff along the way?

If so, you're in the right place.

W E L C O M E   T O


A 90 Day One on One Coaching Program for Moms Who Want More Out of Motherhood

I see that you are completely overwhelmed, exhausted, and left behind in your own life.  You never stop moving, and yet somehow it seems you’re always exactly where you started. 

We feel we cannot stop or slow down until we get to the end of our to do list, and yet have you noticed

it never ends?

I know how it feels to be fed up, exhausted, and completely burnt out.

I understand the resentment and frustration that comes from putting everyone and everything else first, always being the last priority in your own life.

I know you want less stress, guilt, and overwhelm.

I know you never stop rushing, and I know you’re sick of being so damn tired all the time.  Mostly, you want more balance in your life.

You want to feel in control instead of completely out of your mind.

I know you give your all to everything you take on, which is why you can’t imagine another commitment right now. 

I know because I’ve been there.

Happiness and balance is fully available to every woman, but only a reality for those willing to claim it.

When the idea of enduring another second of life this way becomes scarier than the effort to change, I am here to help.

Making real change, right now, is easier than you think. Complicated problems often have simple solutions, solutions literally unavailable to those who spend every waking second in survival mode. Slowing down enough to catch your breath and remember who you are is all it takes to get started.

You can create more quality time with yourself and your family, more energy to explore interests and nurture friendships, more patience, balance, breathing room in each day and a deeper connection with who you really are. Remember her?  The woman you used to be before you stepped into the mom role, the wife role, the hustler, the get-shit done, take no prisoners, leave no PTO meeting behind role?

She is ready to come back from the dead but can’t without some overdue attention, care, and focused nurturing.  

She has been buried under the weight of your obligations for far too long.

It’s your turn to rise.

A 90 Day One on One Coaching Program to help overwhelmed moms prioritize themselves, find balance, stress less, laugh more, and become the best mom they can be.

IN THIS PROGRAM, I will walk you step by step through the process of releasing overwhelm, guilt, and frantic living in order to create a balanced, joyful life that makes you feel whole, in control, and excited to get out of bed each day.

I CREATED BREATHE because I’m tired of seeing amazing, caring, selfless mothers settle for far less than they deserve.  I want all moms to thrive, not just survive in motherhood. When a woman has the courage to remember who she is, what she wants, and begins demanding more, anything is truly possible.


CREATE SPACE FOR REAL CHANGE by clearing out old beliefs, bad stories, and mental clutter

LEARN TO SEE AND RECEIVE the abundant opportunities for help and guidance that already surrounds you

DEVELOP & EMBRACE NON-NEGOTIABLE SELF CARE routines that help you release stress, reconnect with your spirit and remember the woman you are

CONNECT WITH YOUR DREAMS & DESIRES in order to get clarity on what you want

TAKE INSPIRED ACTION to create and implement concrete plans that move you in the direction of your personal goals

PRACTICE OWNING YOUR WORTH by establishing boundaries, redefining relationships, setting clear priorities, and gaining the courage to say no to that which does not serve you

The days are long but the years are short

Every moment you waste consumed by the inertia of daily life is one less day to be the happy, fulfilled, present mom I know you want to be.  Your best life does not begin, someday, out there, but today, in the middle of your messy life, in your messy kitchen, where you are right now.  Happiness and peace do not lie on the other side of today’s obstacles but amidst your busy life.



*12 individual, 1 hour weekly calls where we will work through the program together, explore new ideas, get clarity, and move you towards your goals

*Custom reading and homework recommendations to foster deep thinking and exploration of new ideas

*Community support through the private Facebook group where other moms on the same journey can connect and support each other


*Weekly direct email support from Emilie so that you can get quick encouragement or advice between our weekly phone calls

*Beautiful daily journal delivered right to your door

*Downloadable Little eBook of Self Care with over 50 original ideas to rest and recharge beyond the cliches

*Follow up 60 minute bonus call within 4 weeks of our last session to discuss what worked, what didn't, address questions, and talk through obstacles.  Together we'll find more opportunities for growth and discuss additional possibilities for development

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Not sure if BREATHE is right for you?

If you have questions about BREATHE or want to learn more, schedule a totally free call where we can discuss your goals, work through your questions and concerns and decide if BREATHE is the right program for you.  Even if you decide not to join, I promise our chat will help you gain new perspective and clarity on where to focus your time and energy moving forward.

When you decide it’s time to be done with overwhelm, done with exhaustion, and done settling for barely enough, we can get to work.

It’s time to rise up, unburden your tired spirit, and revive the woman you are inside.  Not tomorrow, or next week, or once the baby goes off to kindergarten but today.

I’m Ready!  It’s My Time to Rise
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In addition to our once weekly, one hour calls (and the introductory 90 minute call), the amount of time you spend working towards your goals is completely up to you.  The more time you invest into adopting daily habits, new routines, and doing the spiritual and emotional work, the faster and stronger your transformation will be.


I encourage a bare minimum of 10 minutes a day towards building a practice of self connection.You’ll need to spend time during the week working through the topics we discuss and reading. You will be given book recommendations over the course of our time together, but how much and how often you read is up to you. I’d say the most successful women are those who can commit to an average of 5 to 7 hours within an average week


Truth bomb...if you knew what to do and could do it alone, you’d have done it already.  If you are here, you need my help. However, by taking a few moments to chat via a discovery call, we can determine if BREATHE is right for you. 

The coaching is not going to hand you a cookie cutter process or offer organizational tips and tricks.  I’m not interested in helping you squeeze an extra 10 or 15 or 30 minutes out of your already bursting day. If time management skills are what you’re after, BREATHE is probably not for you.

This program is about guiding you through the inner work that will inspire outer change. When you slow down enough to think about your belief systems, mindset, emotions and true desires, then and ONLY then will you actually turn your life around.


For years I ran the same race, pushing so hard against what was and never, ever getting ahead.  BREATHE will help you realize that doing more of the same will only give you...more of the same. Together we will figure out how to slow down so you can get ahead.  If you show up, let go of fear and the need to please, dig deep, get real, and have the courage to do life differently, the results will follow.


Sounds good, I'm in!

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