How to Get Out of Overwhelm, Fast 3 powerful questions to take back control when life feels out of control

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“What matters most is not what these obstacles are but how we see them, how we react to them, and whether we keep our composure.” Ryan Holiday, Just like that I’m drowning again. I’m thrashing against the current of my life, feeling consumed by the torrent of daily demands on my time, energy, and attention. My kids’ ever changing schedules (oh, practice is starting an hour later, in a different places, and requires a piece of clothing that is undoubtedly at the bottom of some stanky laundry pile? Cool) The dog’s bullshit (what’s that? She’s hyper-reactive and now needs expensive […]

You Are an Exceptional Woman Start Acting Like It

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“Make the most of yourself by fanning the tiny, inner sparks of possibility into flames of achievement.” – Golda Meir There is an exceptional woman within every woman. She’s buried under the weight of guilt, fear, and the world’s expectations. She’s been told she’s too much, too loud, too bright, too greedy, too selfish. She’s been shunned and shamed into silence. She’s retreated but, but she’s still there. She’s waiting for you to grow bored of complacency, of good enough living, compromise and settling. She’s filing her nails impatiently, wondering when you’re going to wake up to your potential and […]